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A Bromeliad Panorama ©


The Southeast Michigan Bromeliad Society, founded in 1976, is an affiliate of the Bromeliad Society International. Its mission is to promote the culture of bromeliads in the home and garden and to support bromeliad research and conservation.

It meets on the third Saturday of the month as announced in the newsletter. Meetings are held in membersí homes, in area nurseries and garden centers, at Cranbrook, and at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Meetings provide an opportunity to learn about bromeliads, to meet other bromeliad enthusiasts, to identify plants and plant problems, to exchange plants and seeds. The Society publishes a bimonthly newsletter, SEMBS, which publishes meeting and show information and articles of interest to both novices and experienced growers. The newsletter is emailed in PDF format or sent (black and white) to members who wish a hard copy of it.

Dues are $12 for a single membership, $15 for two or more at the same address.
For members living 75 miles or more from the city of Detroit membership is $5.

Contact: S.E.Michigan Bromeliad Society