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Bromeliads, along with orchids, are the aristocrats of the flowering Plant world. They are members of a great family numbering over 3000 species, the best-known of which is the pineapple. All bromeliads are native to the tropical and subtropical Americas, where most are epiphytes growing on trees. 

Not parasites, they derive their food from the nutrients found in rainwater and organic debris. A few species like the pineapple and the beautiful earth-stars, grow in the soil. Bromeliads usually grow in the form of a rosette, their foliage either plain or unusually marked, and all bear unusual flowers and flower scape's. 

Bromeliads are ideally suited for and will thrive under warm, dry, air-conditioned indoor culture. Truly remarkable houseplants, they almost care for themselves. 

A Bromeliad Panorama

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